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Welcome To
Star of the North

Chinese Shar-Pei Club





Board and General Meeting

January 12, 2019
Pizza Ranch
Crystal, MN

Meeting Minutes by Cindy O'Hare

I. Attendance: Kris & Paul Henning, Cindy O'Hare, Carole Sorensen, Chris McNaughton, Andrea Warfield, Barb Hartman
Meeting called to order at 12:45 pm.

II. Approval of Agenda: Motion made seconded and carried to approve the agenda as submitted

III. Approval of : October minutes tabled

Presidents Report: Kris reported the status of Meredith Sarratori's Rescue fund raising efforts.  The club agreed that rather than waiting for our turn at a "matching funds" online fund raiser we would simply donate the funds and have the money actively helping the animals in need. Motioned made seconded and carried that Star of the North "Send Meredith's Rescue Organization $500.00 without delay or benefit of a matching funds event".  Carole will send the check.

Kris also reported that Mid Atlantic Shar Pei Rescue have beautiful 2019 Calendars available for sale as a fund raiser also.  They were very late receiving the products from their supplier and need help getting the calendars into the hands of people who will enjoy them and help our Pei in the process.

Secretary Report: none

Treasures Report: Carole updated us on our income and expenses over the last couple of months, in an itemized report.

Committee Reports:
  • Fundraising: No news this month
  • Membership:  Vicki, while awaiting surgery, sent all information with Carole.  Most of out members have renewed.  For those who haven't. please get your 2019 REDUCED membership dues paid!
The second reading for the Barnes family's return as members was unanimously accepted and their household is once again part of the Star of the North family.

As Vicki assumes the responsibilities of the Vice Presidency in 2019, she has requested someone else fill her job as Membership Chair.  Star of the North wishes to Thank Vicki for her years of hard work chasing us all down and making sure all our contact info was us to date and that all members had current membership lists each year.  Thank you, Vicki and we look forward to have you serve as out Vice President.

Carole Sorensen suggested she might be a good candidate for membership since all dues are ultimately sent to her for processing.  All members present agreed and Carole Sorensen will serve as our new Membership Chair.  Thank you, Carole for volunteering!
  • Rescue- None
  • Activities and Events: February 9 & 10, 2019 All Breed Obedience & Rally Trials are accepting entries and looking for volunteers to help on site.  Vicki, Chief Ring Steward sent out an email inquiry ot the membership looking for Stewards.  She will follow up with shone calls.  Cindy will fill in the schedule with volunteers from the all-breed community.
Carole and Kris have the menu under control, the prozes have arrived, Cindy is ordering the Ribbons and Rosettes.  Now we hope for decent weather!

Magik Embroidery will be donating 1/2 the cost of the stitching on our trophies for the two Junes Specialties!  Very Nice of them to do this.  Cindy will try to have them acknowledged in the Premium list.  Cindy will attempt to contact the Barker regarding a Specialty Show Ad or announcement in the Orient Express. 

Vice President: none

Old Business:  Discussion reguarding rescue donations.  Ste up Committee to develop criteria for Rescue Organizations to whom SOTN might donate and guidelines to follow for donating.  Committee members: Kris Henning, Andrea Warfield and Chris McNaughton.  Reporting back at the February 9th meeting.

New Business:  Election of Officers and Board of Directors:  Vice President-Vicki O'Neill, Secretary-Cindy O'Hare, Board" Chris McNaughton, Tim Bergeron, Judy Hetland.  Slate was unanimously acclimated.

Next meeting:  Februart 9, 2019 Approx. 1 pm, at Total Recall School for Dogs, Hugo, MN

Respectfully submitted, Cindy O'Hare, Secretary

Meeting Adjourned: 1:45 pm


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